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Welcome to the NILS INsource Glossary

This new version of the NILS INsource Glossary provides expanded searching capabilities, as well as links to cross-referenced NILS INsource Thesaurus terms.

The enhanced searching capabilities of the NILS INsource Glossary provide definitions for common insurance industry terms with an optional link to perform a NILS INsource search to see how specific states define the same term in certain areas of their legislation.

Cross-referencing between the NILS INsource Glossary and Thesaurus establishes correlations between generally defined insurance terms and NILS INsource Thesaurus terms used to index the same subject matter.

We invite you to select a search method below and begin exploring the intuitive capabilities of the NILS INsource Glossary.

Detailed help is available to NILS INsource Subscribers by clicking "Help" in the top gray navigation bar above. You must log in to get the Help link.

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